Influenced by the explosive creativity of early 70's jazz and rock, 13 Hertz delivers a mixture of mellow, dissonant, odd-metered, dynamic, and often psychadelic tunes. The band was formed in 1998 by vocalist Perry Bowers and guitar player Charlie Henrikson who were inspired by the works of New Age philosophers such as Gregg Braden. Their musical direction evolves from spirituality. Friends of the band have jokingly coined the term "Metaphysical Rock" to describe the band's unique sound which slips under the radar of the mainstream music scene.

Now a 5-piece including 2 guitars, drums, bass, and lead vocal, 13 Hertz is celebrating it's seventh year of existence with a growing group of loyal fans and a full-length CD entitled "Full Spectrum." The band has shown its versatility by offsetting shorter, pop-oriented songs such as "Risk" with more lengthy and adventurous tracks like "Dug," "Ecstasy," and "Morningstar."

The ability to morph from a full-out rock band into an acoustic act has enabled 13 Hertz to extend its music to a wider range of music listeners from bar goers to coffee shop patrons who respond enthusiastically to the band's unexpected ability to really rock out at a coffee shop without being too loud.

13 Hertz is:

  • Perry Bowers: vocals
  • Charlie Henrikson: guitar and vocals
  • Lila Karash: guitar
  • Rob Aurand: bass
  • Nathan Fryett: drums