Music Community

The Dividing Line -internet radio. Check out the Underdog Prog show -Search for 13 Hertz. Leave us a message. Become our friend.

Sursumcorda -alternative music and multimedia arts

Juno Beach -web radio and market for independent music -Music venue resource

Taxi -is the leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands,
artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows.

Wittman-Spins -The Spinstrap system is a guitar/bass strap designed to relieve shoulder pain. I (Lila) highly recommend it for anyone. I don't know what I would do without it. Wittman also makes Wittman basses, guitars, ProTuners, MiniTuners, and JackTuners.

Sons of Vietnam -One of my favorite local Minneapolis bands.

The Chinch Bugs -60's and 70's influenced pop with an oboe.

Blue Sage Music -Blue Sage features singer/songwriter Steve Davis.
Often described as Bob Dylan meets Bryan Adams. Great Indie Rock.
Rehearsal and Recording

Taylor Sound - Rehearsal and Recording studios

Integral Studio - Twin Cities recording studio