"Congratulations to 13 Hertz as they will be featured on Underdog Prog this Saturday, 12/30 for my Top 10 Albums of 2006! Bluebird is not only beautifully addictive, but it's relevant, creative and thought provoking rock and ROLL baby! It's no secret that I am already a huge 13 Hertz fan, but this album absolutely captivated me from the start. Thanks for being the awesomely cool band that you are."

   -Mary Campbell, The Dividing Line Broadcast Network

"Instrumentation and presentation are top notch and 13 Hertz has a serious message.... Musically, the band is solid and smooth, delivering layered tracks and occasionally taking off into some power pop rock."

   -NH, Rift Magazine

"13 Hertz serves up enticing orchestrations and machinations loosely existing within the rock realm. Complex song structures and the occasional odd time signature are made lovable by the inclusion of soaring male vocal lines that hypnotize. Like a big fat novel that you've put off reading...get into it and you'll be swept away."

   -Juno Beach

"The music of Minneapolis band 13 Hertz carries with it an urgency that you'd expect from a group of musicians who have something to say."

   -Tim Miejan, The Edge Newspaper

"Whatever the case, you can rest assured that 13 Hertz will be one of the more unique artists to hit your eardrums this year. So what are you waiting for? Go check ‘em out! "

   -Upchuck Undergrind, FishComCollective

"When you listen to that music you feel like you are in a better, more spiritual and metaphysical world."

   -Artur Chachlowski, Metal Hammer Magazine (Poland) translation

"If a major label eventually signs these guys, they are most probably bound for planetary wide success."